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Photos are taken by almost everybody in the world. They make us feel certain ways when we look back and reflect on the memories from when they were taken. Photos can make us feel feelings linked back to a particular place or time. Here at Global Photography Features, we created a community where photographers from across the Globe can share their photos as well as the stories behind them. Our website is created to suit the needs of every photographer between learning about new techniques and products through blog posts as well as sharing stories among the community.

"Bucks Lake Sunrise" by Sean Ryan

Bucks Lake Sunrise


Nikon D3400 | 18mm | f3.5 | ISO 400

"This is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken and maybe will always be even though it was taken quite early on in my photography. I traveled up to Lower Bucks Lake with a couple of coworkers. Lower Bucks Lake is below a dam that forms Bucks Lake proper. It was a hell of a trip including being detoured onto a dirt logging road.  My subaru took it on just fine but my coworker did it in his sports car like a crazy person. We arrived at the first-come-first-serve sites and instantly I knew this place was special. It was super secluded and each site was quite far apart away from the others. I sat with my old Nikon D3400 and snapped the most incredible sunset I have ever seen. I made sure to wake up early to catch the sunrise as well. As you can see from this picture, it did not disappoint. Not only was it incredible, a pair of otters swam right past my spot on the beach, talking to each other and diving under the water. I wasn’t quite aware how good this photo would turn out until I got home. When I finally edited it I thought, “yeah I can do this.” It was a huge boost for my confidence as a burgeoning photographer."

"Travel Inspiration" By: Gary White

Stunning view captured by Gary White at Sonora Island in BC

Travel Inspiration


"What is your one travel dream? That one place,  that more than all others, is the place that you dream of and hope to go to in your lifetime? Real travel is when you take to the open road and you accept everything that comes your way be it thrilling, joyful, difficult or depressing.


This is what the original explorers did, this sense of wonder is proven. Unfortunately, efficiency and technology are killing our sense of wonder - the very thing that made us want to travel in the first place.


Today, travel is almost entirely predictable. We can search for the Eiffel Tower on the Internet and we can look at 500,000 pictures of it.  So when we finally go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower for ourselves we are not actually experiencing the Eiffel Tower we are simply comparing it to the expectations that technology has provided us. We have lost something from the experience of travel.


Just because we can fly does not mean we always have to fly. Sometimes in life, we should take the bus and go slowly. Sometimes we should enjoy and embrace every discovery as it comes to us. Taking a bus, a train or other public transportation halfway around the world forces us to place trust in complete strangers.  Generally, people are wonderful and trustworthy and travel reinforces this constantly.


The opposite of wonder is terror. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age that is defined by terror and it often defines the way we travel. Right now we are being taught to be afraid of everything. In fact, I think we are more afraid now than we ever have been. The only antidote to terror is trust and one of the ways that we build trust is through travel. Travel is one of the greatest human freedoms ever. I will say it again, travel is one of the greatest human freedoms ever.


All of us are writing our lives in the present tense, right here and right now. We always want to control the story. We want to add certain teachings. But if we do that too much, not only do we diminish the sense of wonder or our path in life, but maybe we cancel out another possibility altogether or miss out on a discovery that is far more invigorating and enlightening and that may have been perfect for us to live in.


My message is very simple: We need to plan less. Do not be a tourist in life, just taking pictures as it happens, instead, you need to travel." Gary White @garywhitephotography1

Thank you to Gary White for sharing his beautiful blog post and photos with us. If you want to se more of his work check him out on instagram @garywhitephotography1

What a beautiful photo and story! For more blog posts from members of our community, checkout our blog here!

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